Slaughter Trial

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Slaughter Trial

Post  Ty on Thu Apr 03, 2008 9:07 am

Phone call played in court

Threats recorded
Mike Cruz, Staff Writer
Article Launched: 04/02/2008 10:19:02 PM PDT

SAN BERNARDINO - Jurors in Keith Slaughter Jr.'s trial heard an expletive-laced phone call Wednesday between him and his girlfriend in which he threatened to have family members harm her.
The recorded jail phone call played by prosecutors highlighted Slaughter's temper as he barked commands at his girlfriend and threatened to get custody of the couple's child.

"My momma gonna have my cousins beat you up," Slaughter yelled during the call.

The defendant called the young woman numerous names during the heated call.

But he got even more upset when she told him that she knew "everything."

"What do you mean you know everything? (Expletive), what you know?" Slaughter growled back at the woman.

Several times during the call, Slaughter asked his girlfriend what she meant, never getting the answer he wants.

"I hope you talk that (expletive) when I get out," the defendant told her.

Slaughter is on trial in Superior Court for the shooting death of Jarred Mitchell, 14, on May 22, 2006, on West Home Avenue as well as a shooting in January 2007 on West Alturas Street that left a man wounded.

Authorities also contend Slaughter threatened a young woman two days before the Mitchell shooting.

After the recording played, Deputy District Attorney Lisa Rogan questioned Slaughter about his temper.

"I was just trying to get her mad, like she got me mad," Slaughter answered.

Defense lawyer


James Gass called witnesses to bolster his client's claim that he was with his girlfriend at a local hospital for several days starting on May 20, 2006.
This was in the time period when authorities allege he took part in the West Home Avenue shooting.

The defendant's girlfriend had been in a car accident and had a baby during that period in May, according to court testimony.

An ex-mother-in-law of Slaughter's girlfriend, who visited the woman's hospital room on the evening of the Mitchell shooting, testified that she saw Slaughter there.

"Keith was sitting on a chair, holding the baby," the woman told the court.

But the woman also testified she was only allowed to visit for several minutes because she arrived after visiting hours.

Prosecutors called two hospital nurses as witnesses to rebut Slaughter's claim that he was with his girlfriend during the evening of the shooting on West Home Avenue.

One of the nurses could not identify Slaughter in the courtroom, but she recalled the situation.

"He was not there at 7:30 p.m.," the nurse told the court.

Because the hospital unit provides care for babies, nurses on the secure floor are aware of who comes and goes, she said.

"I am sure he was not there," the nurse said.

Under cross examination from Gass, the nurse said she recalled seeing Slaughter in the morning.

The second nurse, who worked the maternity ward and cared for the defendant's girlfriend from 7 p.m. through the evening, testified she did not meet the baby's father until 10:15 to 10:30 p.m.

Defense witnesses may testify more today.

The trial will not be in session Friday.

The judge advised jurors that the trial could wrap up Monday.

"I hope you talk that (expletive) when I get out,"

Not likely to happen. He probably seen his last sunrise.


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Re: Slaughter Trial

Post  TumbleWeed on Thu Apr 03, 2008 12:08 pm

aint NO way out of this one. ol girl looks like she's about to drop that dime, she folded up under that weight she had put on her.

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