Hayward Norteno Gangs

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Hayward Norteno Gangs

Post  Big Frank on Tue Nov 08, 2011 4:07 am

North Side Hayward

A St - A Street
D St - D Street
CRL's - Campo Ramos Locos
LAN - Longwood Ave. Nortenos

South Side Hayward

SSH - South Side Hayward
LC - Latin Crew
CB - Cypress Block
RCN - Raza Crazy Nortenos
DGF - Don't Giva Fuck
VFP - Varrio Fairway Park
DBG - Donald Block Gangsters

West Side Hayward

PCB - Palma Ceia Boys
OBL's - Orlando Block Locos
NPS - Norteno Pride Soldados
LTA - Lord Tennyson Apartments

Big Frank

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