92 vs '12 Dream Team Vs Redeem Team

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92 vs '12 Dream Team Vs Redeem Team

Post  Drunky McThuggerton on Tue Jul 24, 2012 3:43 pm

Alright its been in the news for a while, but for the reason of sparking debate, who do you guys think would win? 92 dream team vs '12 Olympic team? I got the 12 team for one reason. Lebron James. Now we all know that im not a lbj fan, but on a pure bball level, he is a beast, and i dont think anyone on that team could stop him. with paul running the offense to lbj kobe, durant (four future hall of famers imo) with love/chandler. i think they have a decent shot at winning.

I do realize most of you guys are old as fuck and do have a bias, but try and be fair...lol
(Having posted this before today's u.s. vs spain game, im hoping that the current team doesn't fucking lose!)
that being said, the level of competition from the rest of the world is almost exponentially greater than it was in 92. Which is also a factor in the "greatness" of the 92 team.


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Re: 92 vs '12 Dream Team Vs Redeem Team

Post  CRNAvtec909 on Tue Jul 24, 2012 7:20 pm

yea im not a LBJ fan either but man gets credit he played like a beast last season and always has only thing i dont like about him is his attitude but hopefully that changes


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