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THe Buddha

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I these are from my words and thoughts on the subject

Buddhism is about the teaching of a prince who had everything but still wasn't happy. SO he gave up hes luxurious life and went to become a monk. He starved himself and meditated for the answer because back then the monks of the time felt that that in order to be good you had to detach yourself from pleasures to feel happiness. He did that for some time but still suffered and felt unhappy. SO he went and meditated under a tree and for a number of years and finally found the answer he needed. He realized life is always gonna have suffering and its a thing we all share and go through and can relate with each other. It is a connection we all share and can connect with each other.

So since we all suffer he says we have to find a middle path one that helps us keep our afflictions in check but also helps us find happiness. The true path the middle path. Many ancient cultures have learned from this one philosophy. Buddhism doesn't stress for one to be perfect just use logic and kindness and be firm when you must. For example some people that are timid might feel obligated to do something for their friend even though they dont want to cause they have their life to worry about at the time but the friend keeps persisting well he does it anyway, but Buddha says you can affirm yourself and tell them not today instead of feeling guilty or obligated to do that for them you must use logic love and wisdom and knowledge to make calculations and live a righteous life, that is the way of the Buddha.

In Buddhism they teach to practice patience and to end habits you must kill it with a habit, so in other words a eye for a eye. You must meditate and spend time thinking and dwelling and focusing on the problem how you can keep yourself from suffering from it, things you can do that are positive that you get from ending this habit and ways it makes you happy, and see that with you reprogramming yourself just like that habit became second nature so will your new habit, its like giving yourself a vaccine you use a dead virus to make your body immune to the new or old sickness which is out there to keep you safe.

If you have problems meditating, at night make your room pitch black and light a candle focus all your attention on the candle. When you are focusing on the flame take note and study yourself on how to focus and remember it then use the same technique on darkness with your eyes closed and try to focus on empty thoughts. Then you are ready to meditate.

We all share a connection of love and harmony even the bad people. For example evil is just a overindulgence of good. I will explain If I eat food I do it to stay alive and be healthy but if I become a glutton I will harm myself. If I want to work to get money I do it to give me what I need to survive. If I do it to get more money and power to the extent to where it hurts other people or the system of life at the time then I am being greedy. The middle path is the best like Buddha says. Also another example is there is always bad in good and good in bad. For instance in the 2 examples I had previously said before hand in order to help others you must first love yourself and be selfish that means you are being bad because you are looking to help yourself but at the same time its good because you are doing just that helping yourself. its a contradiction it is life. Like the sun and the moon, day and night, shadow and light, pain and pleasure.

This just toches the spectrum of what Buddha is about to learn more I recommend these books

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Here are documentary s

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