Will your homies you would die for pay for your funeral?

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Will your homies you would die for pay for your funeral?  Empty Will your homies you would die for pay for your funeral?

Post  wolfman on Sat Nov 24, 2012 3:57 pm

the varrio helps out with the car wash and maybe some other fund raiser., then comes the donations to the family., then the real close carnales help out with the expenses., that's the norm, but not in all cases., the reality is, just how much were you loved by the hood and how much of an impact you had., for most k.i.a. homeboys, there's nothing big that happens when you get holes put in you that drop you., it's just the way it is., somewhat like, it is expected to be that way in the neighborhood., you play, you pay., but that doesn't mean anybody owes you anything if you were a fu c c up., in reality, family is always the one that pays for it., family is always the one who cherish you the most., that's always gonna be the hard truth about it for those that think that the varrio is their family., blo'od family is the one that takes care of you when you're stretched out stiff., all that is a little bit different when you were associated, because when you had a team and you were raised part of the outlaw family, hell yeah, the hard family will frunch in big time for your departure., at least, more so that the regular boys playing with you out in the small streets., the associated family takes care of their own., whether you're out there doing small things or big things., whether you got caught and doing fed, or your time was up and now you're there in a box., they'll take care of you for a longer while than the average homeboy out in the hood getting wasted.

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