int(3) UFOs on Mars not far-fetched anymore: NASA chief reveals agency take on Mars

UFOs on Mars not far-fetched anymore: NASA chief reveals agency take on Mars

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UFOs on Mars not far-fetched anymore: NASA chief reveals agency take on Mars Empty UFOs on Mars not far-fetched anymore: NASA chief reveals agency take on Mars

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UFOs are not a figment of the imagination of the masses, they have been seen by people from all walks of life and from all over the globe. Up until know life on Mars was possible only with theory and in the minds of believers, but from whatNASA chief Charles Bolden said in an interview this week, you may see those theories start to materialize.
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UFO enthusasts continue to find objects that look out of place on Mars.


According to The Inquisitr on Oct. 11, Bolden admits that it is the space agency’s belief that life existed on Mars at one time and then he hesitated. It is what he said next that perked up the ears of UFO enthusiasts everywhere. He went on to say with a bit of duress in his face that there may be evidence of current life forms. Does NASA know something that they are keeping under wraps?
A blogger from the UFO Sightings blog, who has a masters in counseling, said that when NASA’s top guy gave that interview that hesitation said a lot, along with the body language he exhibited at the same time. In a nut-shell NASA's director was bursting at the seams with the information he had and he was dying to come out with it, explains the blogger.
What Bolden said was enough to give the UFO enthusiasts a feeling of victory, suggests The Inquisitr. This is especially true for all those folks out there who claim that the real truth of it all is never released to the public. It sounds like there is some news that’s so exciting, even the top guy can’t contain himself.
Mars has always been the planet that held the best odds for having life and that’s because it is more like Earth than the rest of the planets in the solar system. While there may not be life living there at present time, that doesn’t mean aliens from another planet weren’t there recently. It is not too far of a stretch to wonder if aliens from a planet did their own exploration on Mars, much like Earth is doing right now with the CuriosityRover?
Curiosity is forever picking up images of items that seemingly don’t belong on the red planet’s surface, like that piece that looks like an artillerygun stuck in the sand on Mars. Everything that has a shape, texture and elaborate detail that looks out of place on the planet’s surface is explained away as being created over time by the wind patterns on Mars.
The surface of Mars is mostly uneventful, as there is sand and rock everywhere, but then once in a while someone back on Earth looking over the Curiosity images comes across something odd, like that gun recently spotted. The shape of that gun is just too detailed to be created by the elements on the planet, especially when it’s in an open land and it is the only one there.
Feasibly that could be a piece of left over equipment from a Mars exploration that came and went before Earth landed Curiosity on Mars. Take a closer look at it in the picture above, does this look like a rock carved out by winds and sand?
Did NASA’s Bolden throw the UFO enthusiasts of the world a bone with his latest interview? Were those grimaces on his face caused by his excitement over new information on life on Mars, or did he just feel lunch settling? What do you think?
According to the Deacon Herald today, NASA is taking Mars exploration very serious and they are getting ready here on Earth for the 2020 Curiosity Rover launch. They are exploring the areas on earth that have the harshest elements in hopes of learning how to look for elements of life on Mars in the future.


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