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Raiders Vs Chargers.!!

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Raiders Vs Chargers.!!  Empty Raiders Vs Chargers.!!

Post  Forum Gawd Tue Sep 11, 2012 6:53 pm

Danm I Don't Know What The Fuck Dennis Allen Was Doing During The Offseason.!! Defensively They Have The Skilled Players To Do Some Damage And Cause Some Turnovers, And The Defensive Line Duo Of Kelly and Seymour Is Murderous But They need Discipline Making Rookie Mistakes That Result In Game Changing Penalties. They Did Good By Getting Carson Palmer Which Is A Great QB, And He Could Be An Elite If He Had A Ring, But How The Fuck They Expect Him To Do Anything With No Offensive Weapons Besides Mcfadden. It Took Him Forever To Finally Reach The Endzone, And Palmer Did Excellent Decision Making But There Is Not Much Things A Man Can Do When His Main Target Is His Running Back. Haiden Did a Pretty Good Job At Recieving But The Rest Should Have As Well. Palmer Still Has It In Him as A Great QB, But His Team Needs Improvement.

Chargers Looks Great Though. Phillip Rivers Was At His Finest, And The Defense Was So Good Against The Run That Even Mcfadden Couldnt Do Much. Malcom Floyd Look Great, and It Was Good To See Meacham Make Some Catches Being A Former Saint. They Would Have Probably Been More Run Effective If Ryan Mathews Was Not Injured But They Won and Thats What Counts At the End. Hopefully Norv Turner Can keep his Job This Year. They Are My favorite To Win The Wild Card For The AFC This Season Considering The Broncos Being In The Same Divison.!

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