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A Homeboy's Soul...Book Empty A Homeboy's Soul...Book

Post  W.Devil on Wed Dec 08, 2010 5:58 am

This book called a 'Homeboy's Soul' was written by a fool from Pomona 12 street. The book just came out this year. I have previewed some of the book in google books and it has a lot of stuff in it. Chino Sinners, Black Angels, Earth Angels, Los Olivos, Cherrie Ville are all mentioned and the beef between all of them. One page I read talks about the BA's and CV being cool with each other..which is something that has been mentioned on here before...Thinkin of scoopin it up...check the cover..lol...

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You can preview some pages in Google Books...

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From what little I read it seems like the biggest enemy they had during this dudes time was the Sinners...The book takes place in the 70s.

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A Homeboy's Soul...Book Empty Re: A Homeboy's Soul...Book

Post  CaliforniaRepublic on Sun Dec 12, 2010 9:58 pm

Probably a good book. I've already read the uhm... the online version (parts) they have up. I kinda like to see it when the big homies/OG's is out there telling their stories, making alittle money and educating people as to how some of these beefs started between hoods. Sometimes it puts out the impact as to how stupid alot of it is, based on how alot of it started. Ya know. But sometimes when poorly written, it exploits.

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