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Gangs that have died out

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Gangs that have died out  Empty Gangs that have died out

Post  American Zombie Wed Nov 14, 2018 2:32 pm

East Side Fontana Brown Pride(probably died out 15+ years ago or more.
NorthSide Fontana Locos
NorthSide Fontana SLC Pepper St.
Ruthless 12 Street Colton aka RTS
Fontana Boys Gang
West Side Rialto
Topo City Verdugo
East Side Verdugo Waterman Gardens 
Locos 13 Mas Bagos
Varrio Vista Spruce St (Bloomington Clique)
MGD 13 Rialto/San Bernardino 
East Side 13 (San Bernardino clique)
King Blvd Stoners (San Bernardino clique)
West Side Fontana La Familia Loca 
Metro 13 AFH (Fontana clique)

North Side Onterio (?)
East Side Rialto (?)
Eastside Onterio(?)
Vatos Locos Sureños Alta Loma(?)
American Zombie
American Zombie

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Gangs that have died out  Empty Re: Gangs that have died out

Post  Earth Horse Fri Jan 17, 2020 1:46 am

Topo city still around

Earth Horse

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