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Perris Street Gangs

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Perris Street Gangs Empty Perris Street Gangs

Post  IEStreetNews Tue Nov 22, 2016 1:08 am

E/s Perris Neighborhood Crip (inactive)
S/s Frontline Perris Locc (inactive)
S/s Mead Valley Gangster Crip (inactive)
Noside RavenHallow Dr N.A.W Gang (active)
W/s Staccn Money Daily (inactive)
W/s 357 Family First Gang (inactive)
E/s Jarvis st Family First Gang (inactive)
(Not quit sure if Family First is an active gang or not but I heard that they only ride for there family etc.)

S/s Perres Madavia x3
S/s Peru St x3
Brown pride Criminals
Enchanted Hieghts
E/s Shoot First x3 (not quit sure about this one just heard word from mouth)
Triple Crownx3


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