Las Vegas Gangs

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Las Vegas Gangs

Post  dstrm300 on Wed May 18, 2016 6:39 pm

Las Vegas gangs

Black Gangs
The Gerson Park Kingsmen (Ace of Spades)
Squad Up
Hustlers Taking Over (HTO)
The Woods Gang
Donna Street Crips (GQ's)
Vegas Heights Gangster Crips (Rolling 50s)
Valley View Gangster Crips.
Rolling 60 Crips
The Playboy Bloods
The West Side Piru Bloods
West coast Bloods
40 Block
Delmonico Crips
North Town Gangster Crip
Anybody Murder Gang
Hardtime Hustlers
Berkeley Square Piru
Madison Terrace Piru
004 Hoodzmen Bloods
M.O.B: ( Money Over Bitches)
Young Baller Squad
3 Streets
Non Stop Gangstaz

Latino gangs
Nevada 13 (prison gang)
San Chucos 13: Criminales (CLS), Saint
George Street (STxG), Evil Town (ExT) and Malandros (M)
The 28th Street gang
Barrio Naked City:Chakas (CKS), Pewees (PLS), Centrales (CLS) and Largos (LGS).
Barrio North Town (Defunct)
South Side Locotes 13
Varrio Grand Vista 13
White Fence 13: Tiny Locos (TLS), Pee Wees (PWS)
18th Street
South Side Pachucos
Lil Locos
Brown Pride Locotes
Lil Angels
Mara Salvatrucha 13
The Magic Club 13
Varrio Nueva Estrada 13
Blide street
Corrupted Ones 13
Norteņos 14

Asian gangs
Pinoy Boys

White gangs
311 Boyz
Insane Nazi Lowriders
Aryan Warriors
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Re: Las Vegas Gangs

Post  American Zombie on Wed May 18, 2016 7:03 pm

I remember some years back i always read that Pomona Sur Lokotes was active in Vegas, which seems odd.

Way more active than in Pomona. Maybe not anymore though.
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