Man is shot to death in San Bernardino on Dec. 4

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Man is shot to death in San Bernardino on Dec. 4

Post  American Zombie on Mon Dec 10, 2018 1:30 pm

A man was shot to death in San Bernardino on Dec. 4, according to the San Bernardino Police Department.

At about 10:13 p.m., a SBPD officer was on patrol near the area of Baseline and D Street when he heard several gunshots in the area. He began checking for any signs of a shooting, a victim, or suspects involved.

The officer located a victim down on the south side of the street suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Medical aid was called to the scene and the victim was transported to a local hospital, but he later died of his injuries. He was described as a 37-year-old Los Angeles resident.
At this time, there is no suspect information or known motive. The SBPD Homicide Unit is asking for the publicís assistance. Anyone with information is requested to contact Detective J. Cunningham at†[url=tel:(909) 384-5745](909) 384-5745[/url]†or Sergeant M. Mahan at†[url=tel:(909) 384-5613](909) 384-5613[/url].
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