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New World Order plan: Make the people eat bugs

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New World Order plan: Make the people eat bugs Empty New World Order plan: Make the people eat bugs

Post  American Zombie Thu May 23, 2013 3:34 pm

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Simon Black of Sovereign Man website wrote:For 171 pages, the paper argues for insect-based diets, explaining why governments should "[d]evelop a clear and comprehensive legal framework" to ensure that we all start eating insects.

So what's the UN's reasoning behind this? How could the organization possibly justify such an idea?

Simple. Because it's better for the environment.

As the paper states, "[i]nsects... emit considerably fewer greenhouse gases (GHGs) than most livestock," and, "eating insects is not only good for [our] health, it is good for the planet."

Sounds disgusting, no? But it's all good, according to the report, because the Tukanoan jungle village (population 100) in Colombia eats invertebrate insects. Therefore, so should we.

They recognize that people might be put-off by such an idea. So their solution to resolve the 'disgust factor' is for governments to sponsor 'bug banquets' in order to reduce prejudice against insects.

It seems the fanaticism of these bureaucratic do-gooders has now reached epically farcical, and even dangerous levels; they view the government as an instrument to jam poorly-conceived solutions down people's throats... in this case, almost literally.

This agenda ties in nicely with other government initiatives that tell people what they can / cannot put in their bodies: aspartame and high fructose corn syrup-- good; raw milk-- bad.

The paper also cites the cost factor. Without a full-frontal acknowledgement that food prices have been rising, the authors make a strong case for the economic benefits of insect-based nutrition.
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New World Order plan: Make the people eat bugs Empty Re: New World Order plan: Make the people eat bugs

Post  Guest Thu May 23, 2013 9:31 pm

I frequent or used to a place in Santa Monica that serves chicken stuffed water bugs, crickets with garlic and potatoes amongst other strange eateries. Good stuff


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