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Post  7treyKillaDawg on Fri Oct 11, 2013 3:18 am

Badhabitz gangsta crip was formed n da early 2000's n 2004 we started off as westside is badhabitz crip in about 2008 we started getting approached bye pphg niccas and other ie gangs about changing East side so n 2010 we starting pressing BaDhabitz gangsta CRiP No Zone bcus we no longer had a blocc nor hxxd so we had came together with a few Reputable s from East Side IE Top gang CriP and we decided to Make a gxxd change for the set and change EastSide seeing that the east was are stomping grounds an also home for a lot of the homies and today we have a blocc That we share with ToPGang on Pumalo and del Rosa and were clicced up and IE niggas dontvhave to get approval from ETG To press GC Nor 3z look at colton city trey ROC they press 3z And some of them Mxxvin but Originally Sanbernardino Niggas don't Move we MoBk so Yea we don't move but we is GC but yea there the history is right here !!! ES IE BHGC TGC NO zone GanG 3.rd gang stupid


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Post  dnice3x on Thu Mar 23, 2017 4:49 am

yall got that fake beef wit 73 the 73 homies said they woulda been got on yall ass but yal lgomies got family from they set so they didnt take it there lol niggas laughed when i asled him


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