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Post  wolfman Tue Oct 15, 2013 3:19 am

SUNKEN CITY is at the westernmost part of the town of San Pedro. It's down by Point Fermin's Lookout point at the tip end of Pacific Avenue. It starts out on its bluff and continues down through the rockside, ending up over by the cliffside of Point Fermin Park (old light tower).

It's a nice stretch of cragyness, filled with concrete slabs, caves and rugged terrain. When SP Raza would party up at the park and the juras would try to raid on the party people, the homies and homegirls would jump over the concrete fence and head down the cliffside thru these steep little clifside dirt paths all stoned and shit, laughing it up cause the placa would never follow us down there.. then the raza would stay partying it out down there in sunken city, with the pacific ocean waves crashing in all around.. sometimes you had to stay down there for the whole night, until the placas got tired of waiting people out and left.. other times you would try to go around them and sneak out, make it thru this route that wasn't covered, all the way to cabrillo beach, that was a little bit of a stretch.. especially at night with the waves crashing in.. and in the rain, well, let me tell you.. you had to be a real stone crazy young loc to be doing shit like that.. 

SUNKEN CITY A Place To Have Been Once A Upon A Time If You Were A Crazy One

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