Colton City Crips vs California Gardens

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Colton City Crips vs California Gardens Empty Colton City Crips vs California Gardens

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THURSDAY, September 12. 1991 The Sun Rival gang fighting covers Colton building with bullets. The shooting spree left residents nervous and thankful that no one was killed. Resident manager Charlie Scourtes said some windows were broken, but most of the bullets lodged in the walls. "No one was hurt, thank goodness." Most of the bullets were fired at building 2196, but police are unsure whether it was because of the occupants or because it faces the street, Heusterberg said. After receiving complaints from residents Sunday, police placed two patrol cars on the apartment grounds Tuesday night. The officers witnessed the shootings and chased the Cadillacs from Colton to San Bernardino, where three men were arrested for investigation of shooting at an inhabited building. Two others escaped on foot. A .44 magnum handgun and a semiautomatic were found in a car. Victor Woods, 26; Maurice Fitzgerald, 22; and Larry Jacks, 26, were arrested. Woods was held for investigation of evading arrest. A Colton apartment complex was sprayed with bullets for two nights during fighting between rival gangs, authorities said. Police chased the suspects the second night and arrested three. The shootings started Sunday knight when a carload of California Garden Crips from San Bernardino fired at the complex at Mill Street and Rancho Avenue, Lt. Randy Heusterberg said. At about 11:40 p.m. Tuesday, two Cadillacs carrying five men drove by and sprayed the apartment complex with bullets again, he said. Members of the Colton City Crips returned the fire from the complex grounds, Heusterberg said. "No one was injured. There's some kind of feud going on between these two gangs. We've heard rumors of what it's about, but we haven't been able to confirm them."
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