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Post  chang on Mon Aug 22, 2016 12:02 am

dstrm300 wrote:You really know yo shit, I can't take anything from your points at all they all are really valid bro. This world is just a messed up place but the its always good to know everyone isn't as ignorant as others would want to believe. That's why I still get on here tho I've always had a interest in a lot of folks opinions on here. Always good to have several opinions.

imo thats the beauty of the internet - although mugs and trolls misuse it to say things that they would never say in a million years to that same persons face, and weirdos use it to live out odd fantasy lives - ordinary people who 15 or so years back would have never known each other existed or been able to communicate even if they did (remember how much international phone calls cost?!) can now speak to each other with ease...and the mad thing is, the average joe in the street - if hes got a half open mind - can see that theres more in common between us than there is shit that sets us apart...


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